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November 2016

Dear Friends and Partners of CEH,

We always rejoice to see how God leads His work at Compassion Evangelical Hospital for His glory. In His sovereignty He rules storms, governments, roads and so much more! We experienced this firsthand in recent days. (Please read on for specifics.)

From this side of the ocean I personally have come to understand the potential risk and daily fear that can affect our national colleagues as they speak out boldly for Christ. (Be sure to read to the end -- News from Pastor Oumar) I encourage you to remain faithful in prayer for the work in Guinea. May the Lord be proclaimed and the Gospel advanced!

Shipping Container #19

Packing the container in Detroit, Michigan

Our 19th shipping container filled with supplies for CEH was packed in Detroit, Michigan, traveled through Savannah, Georgia ( just prior to Hurricane Matthew) and across the ocean with a boat change in Gibraltar, Spain. From there it traveled to Conakry, Guinea where the final hurdles were overcome by God's grace.

Recently, the Guinea Minister of Treasury stated he was no longer going to honor the exonerations given by the Guinea Minister of Health due to other medical groups bringing items to sell on the black market. Etienne was invited to the Office of the Minister of Health to give a response to the Minister of Treasury. He could honestly respond that CEH never misrepresented the contents of our containers nor have we sold the materials brought in. We benefit from the 2% tax originally granted to us in 2006 - allowing us to hold costs down and serve the population well. The Minister of Health assured us this container would be covered at the 2% rate while they debate how to deal with the dishonest groups and renegotiate their contracts. We thank God for His provision in this governmental encounter! With that hurdle passed, Etienne worked on the papers to clear the container from customs and arranged for the container to be trucked to Mamou over the pot-holed roads. We are happy to report the container arrived at CEH Saturday, November 12.

Container arriving at CEH

The container holds the electrical and plumbing materials for the completion of two more wards. This adds 16 beds to the current 24. The US team of skilled workmen will use these materials in completing a long task list of upgrades for the hospital facilities this month.

In nine years since opening, CEH medical staff consulted and treated 90,000 patients. God continues to bless the people of Guinea through His work in and through CEH. This is known and testified of throughout that nation which is still ranked among the poorest on earth and is also ranked among the most fraudulent. Unloading the container

Through all this He glorifies His Own Name. Pray for His work and Praise Him!


Short Term Team Trip The US short term team of five men, scheduled to arrive November 17, is led by George Weertz. Alongside George are Edgar Thomas, Kurt Couture, Perry Bedenbender and Rob Uhler. These gifted men will work closely together using their plumbing, electrical, engineering, maintenance, landscaping and craftsmanship skills to complete a full task list:

  • Two new wards

  • Insulation of two operating rooms

  • Insulation of ophthalmology

  • Insulation of x-ray area

  • Installation of better air conditioning units and LED lights to economize the solar electricity which is still working very well

  • Installation of new lighting for the outhouse area

  • Septic system work

  • Installation of medical cabinets to improve the operating and consultation rooms

Pray for health, safety and completion of the tasks as these men give of their

talents to God's work at CEH. They will work closely with the national colleagues to complete all these tasks. Pray for mutual edification and discipleship while they spend time together. May God bless the work of their hands and their spirits.


Fresh Dew Christian School

The Container also contains 70 elementary desks sent from Byron Primary School in Byron, Minnesota for use at Fresh Dew MIAPE Christian School on the campus of CEH. The name of the school reflects the truth that God alone gives dew, He is blessing with Fresh Dew on the mountains in Guinea.

Fresh Dew students using new desks from Byron Primary School The educational and health needs of Guinea are two of the greatest felt needs for the people. We are grateful to share the result of the nationwide comparative testing of 6th grade graduates at Fresh Dew. The scores ranked them as one of the most successful schools in the nation. Classes opened this year on October 3rd with 215 students, an increase of 55 students over last year. They see a steady growth over the five years since inception. All the children hear spiritual lessons daily taught by the pastor's wife, Marietou. The fleet of 3 buses now shared by the hospital workers and the students are serving them all well. Keep praying with us that God will touch this nation through our mutual work together.

Students preparing to go home after school on shared transportation



Recovering from knee surgery The image of putting legs to the Gospel has taken on new meaning this month as I very successfully had my left knee replaced at Scheurer Hospital - where I work in the US. The hospital care and physical therapy was excellent and I thank each of you who were praying for me. It is a subject of my own personal thanksgiving this year. In Guinea, Dr. Kristen was helping a patient near the pharmacy at the close of the day and slipped on a puddle of spilled liquid medicine. Her fall resulted in a hip strain with subsequent inflammation and bone bruise. Thankfully our X-ray machine is working and we could rule out a fracture (she first read her own x-ray and then sent a photo of it to me by email). Dr. Kristen is using crutches. She does not have access to physical therapy, a reliable ice supply, or heating pads. Narcotics are very limited, Motrin is available but only sufficient for mild to moderate pain. Pray for her recovery, but also that even in these simple things our hospital will become known as a place of conscientious, thorough care as our capacity grows.


News from Pastor Oumar

The spiritual ministry is always the focus of the CEH total ministry. When the gospel is presented in the morning prior to the beginning of clinic consultations Pastor Oumar continues to ask if anyone would like to be prayed for as they are cared for during the day. Usually over 90% raise their hands to request prayer.

One morning as he was leaving the veranda he walked across the main road to the lean-to diner that has grown up next to the hospital for a cup of coffee; he was followed by three men. Because of the multiple languages and dialects spoken in the area he could not understand what they were saying but they seemed to be speaking about his sermon. The younger men were vehement in their conversation and seemed hostile at one point. Oumar's mind questioned whether he might be physically in danger. In Muslim nations like Guinea it is not just a possibility but a true potential that Christians are beaten or even slain when speaking boldly for Christ. The three men were sitting at tables on both sides of the only door, so Pastor Oumar sat quietly and prayed and sipped his coffee. He was fully aware of the various potentials, but he was at peace. Finally, the older man got up and approached his table and softly spoke directly to him, "What you said this morning was the truth, Thank you." Then the three men rose and got up and crossed over to the hospital to follow through with their medical consultations. We praise God for His work in the hearts of the people we serve.

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