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Urgent Prayer Request - January, 3rd 2024

Dear friends and partners in the Lord’s work at CEH,


On December 18th, one week prior to Christmas, a catastrophic explosion occurred at the port in Conakry, Guinea. The majority of the country's fuel storage tanks erupted in explosive flames, killing 23 people, injuring more than 170 people and left many homes and shops in the area totally destroyed!

Along with these terrible losses, there are also extreme shortages of gas for the entire country. Neighboring countries are selling fuel to Guinea, but the amount is inadequate to meet the need. Transportation, agriculture, businesses, and everything that runs on fuel are suffering. This affects all the people of Guinea. 

This also impacts the hospital work significantly. Patients have an extremely difficult time getting fuel to come for care so patient volumes are very low. The hospital had a staff meeting to contemplate solutions to the problem. Staffing may need to be cut or hours and pay reduced. Patient care costs may need to be subsidized; i.e. consultation fees reduced, to offset the increased patient travel cost. 

Decreased volumes also means decreased presentation of the Gospel at the hospital and school. Fresh Rosee, the school on the CEH campus, did not reopen because the majority of the 400+ students come by bus and there is not enough fuel to run the buses. 

We are in prayerful reflection. Please pray, as workers wonder about their jobs and salaries and students do not know how or when the classes may continue. Please pray for wisdom for Guinea's leaders and for our hospital administrators as they need wisdom to deal with this catastrophic situation. May God be honored.

Your brother in Christ,

Dwight E. Slater, MD


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