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Things to pray for on a weekly basis:

  • Sunday: Pray for the staff of CEH, that today as they worship in their various local churches that they will be refreshed and renewed to continue to serve God by serving others this week.

  • Monday: Pray for the patients who will come this week that the Spirit of God would move in their hearts so that they may come to know the love of God the Father who has provided the atoning sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ.

  • Tuesday: Pray for the country of Guinea, that it may be a land of peace.

  • Wednesday: Pray that God would raise up additional prayer and financial supporters for the ministry of CEH

  • Thursday: Pray for those working to supply equipment for CEH, that the needs would be met.

  • Friday: Pray that God would raise up more short, mid, and long term professional and allied health missionary medical personnel to assist the Guinean staff of CEH. Pray for additional Guinean Christian medical workers.

  • Saturday: Pray for the construction personnel employed by CEH, that they would see the love of Jesus modeled by the CEH staff, and come to know Him as their Lord and Savior; and that they would work diligently and safely to complete the building projects before us.


Partner Financially

  • Funding for Compassion Evangelical Hospital is needed from foundations, churches, and individuals both finance the construction of the buildings and to support operational costs for the next few years. Although the average annual income in Guinea is only $560, we expect that the revenues generated from inexpensive clinic visits, inpatient care, and surgeries will eventually offset staff salaries and other operational costs. The hospital and clinic are expected to become financially independent once fully constructed and fully functional.


  • Major Projects ​

    • Completion of surgeon's home ($20,000)

    • Playground & Soccer Field ($7,000)

    • Completion of solar electrical system upgrade ($50,000)

    • Orthopedic Ward ($40,000)

    • OB/GYN Ward ($40,000)

    • Workers' homes revolving loan fund ($6,000)


  • Please consider partnering with Compassion Evangelical Hospital by giving financially.





If you have questions regarding partnering financially, please contact us either via email or mail:


Compassion Evangelical Hospital
P.O. Box 870, Southfield, MI 48037


Compassion Evangelical Hospital is a fully functioning facility with a hospital, clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, operating rooms and in-patient care. While the core staffing of the clinic and the hospital will always be Guinean/West African Christian professionals and allied health personnel, committed Christian volunteers and mission-supported professional and allied health personnel are needed for short term, mid-term and long term assignments to assist the Guinean staff. All of our core and volunteer staff serve to accomplish the mission of the hospital: To share the love of Jesus in word and deed while providing patients with compassionate, high-quality medical and surgical care.

We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us in this exciting venture!

Who we need:

  • Short Term (ST): 1 week to 6 months

  • Mid Term (MT): 6 months to 2 years

  • Long Term (LT): 2 years and longer

  • Accountant/CPA/Auditor (ST) -1

  • Assistant Construction Supervisor (ST, MT, LT) - 1

  • Biomedical Tech trainer  (ST,MT)  -1

        Biomedical tech with work experience and interest in teaching

  • Construction Workers (ST, MT, LT) – Many
    Skilled workers in carpentry, plumbing or electricity

  • Radiology Tech (ST, MT) – 1

  • Laboratory Trainer (ST, MT, LT) – 1
    Med Tech with administrative experience

  • Registered Nurses (MT, LT) – 3
    Minimum of 6 months if not part of a specific short term team

  • Nursing Instructor (MT, LT) – 1

  • Physicians  (LT) – 3
    Primary care doctors (IM, Peds, FP)
    General surgeons

  • Physicians  (ST) – Many
    Physicians in almost any specialty, giving care and training nationals

  • Pharmacist (ST, MT, LT) – 1

Take the first step in serving with us at CEH if interested. Download and complete the preliminary form by clicking here. 


Return the completed forms and direct your questions to:

Or send via snail mail to:

Mobilization Director

Compassion Evangelical Hospital

P.O. Box 870

Southfield, MI 48037


  • A long-term site plan for Compassion Evangelical Hospital is clickable below


  • Major Projects

    • Completion of surgeon's home ($20,000)

    • Playground & Soccer Field ($7,000)

    • Completion of solar electrical system upgrade ($50,000)

    • Orthopedic Ward ($40,000)

    • OB/GYN Ward ($40,000)

    • Workers' homes revolving loan fund ($6,000)