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Share the gospel with Guineans via Christ-like living and verbal proclamation, health care education, service delivery encounters, and structured educational and spiritual activities.

  1. Develop social, clinical, and network relationships.

  2. As opportunities present, share the Gospel with all.

  3. Collaboratively nurture, support and disciple our CEH employee family to promote Christ-like attitudes, behaviors & culture. Monthly staff meetings to include employee-led presentations re: values and setting a positive example.

  4. Identify, mentor, and disciple high potential Christian Africans for future leadership with the goal of self-sustaining African Christian leadership.

Quality Healthcare Services

Deliver compassionate, quality, wholistic, sustainable healthcare via hospital inpatient care, outpatient clinics and community health services. Proactively respond to existing and emerging healthcare challenges and opportunities.

  1. Provide measurable, documented ongoing quality improvement which meets external quality standards (e.g. WHO and Guinea Ministry of Health).

  2. Promote a Christ-centered culture of education with diversity/inclusion, integrity for ongoing skill development and collaborative teamwork.

  3. Institute a timely reporting system for quality and safety.

  4. Develop educational programs at CEH: Open a nursing school at CEH. Hire additional medical staff (1-2 Family Medicine residency trained physicians) and surgical staff (an additional general surgeon) to facilitate eventual development of Family Medicine (WACP and CAAP) and General Surgery residency programs (WACS and PAACS).

  5. Submit outcomes data for quarterly CEH Board meetings.

  6. Provide timely monthly incident reports to the CEH Board of Directors for review, resolution, organizational learning & improvement.

Financial Transparency/Effective Stewardship     

  1. Assess nonprofit healthcare key financial indicators, benchmark against similar organizations, and publish on CEH website by end of FY2021.

  2. Update CEH bylaws, policy and procedures (to include separation of duties, three-person oversight, centralize all grants, presence of all CEH bank accounts, location of financial records for 7 years) to document how funds flow into and out of the organization; prepare for an independent financial certified audit as of 2022.

  3. Assure that all related expenses and revenues are fully represented on the financial statements for CEH as of 2020 until 2030. (various funding sources, employee perquisites cash and non-cash, leadership salaries, community health program (CHP), outpatient clinics, inventory)

  4. Seek external nonprofit certification from GuideStar or Charity Navigator by 2023.

  5. Create two deep leadership to assure continuity of CEH financial committee and oversight functions until 2030.

  6. Increase diversity of CEH board members starting 2021 and rotate finance committee members every 2 years; amend bylaws if needed as of 2021.

Self-Sustaining African-Led Health System

  1. Identify, mentor and train high potential succession candidates for all key chaplain, clinical and administrative leadership positions on a documented succession plan beginning 2021 with quarterly reporting until 2030.

  2. Begin knowledge and skills transfer to succession candidates, and document skill development on quarterly reports to CEH board beginning 2021 until 2030.

  3. Update the organizational values statement to include diversity and equal opportunity. Document competency-based interviewing as of 2020.

  4. Engage Guinean network/business partners to support tuition of future CEH leaders & provide ongoing quarterly education and screening to those stakeholders by 2030.

  5. Mobilize the CHP network of village health workers (VHW’s), traditional birth attendants (TBA’s) and volunteers and continue to advance training for enhanced future local and rural leadership positions as of 2021.

  6. Construct a formal transition of operations plan over 10 years, advance quarterly, and set the finite date for 2030 transition.

Strategc Plan
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