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The country of Guinea has profound medical needs. While biostatistics from the region are mere estimates of the magnitude of human suffering, the country of Guinea, which is ranked as the 17th least developed country in the world according to the United Nations Development Program, has an infant mortality rate of around 1 in 10 and an under 5 mortality rate of 1 in 6. Around 1 in 60 pregnancies ends in maternal death. Most people in the rural areas have little or no access to health care.

Compassion Evangelical Hospital is located at the commercial crossroads town of Mamou in central Guinea, West Africa, about 5 hours drive north of the coastal capital town of Conakry on paved highway. This location is at the intersection of the two large people groups of the north, the 5 million Pular or Fulani people of NW Guinea and the 4 million Maninka people of NE Guinea. Although these two groups are only 2 of the 41 tribal groups in Guinea, together they make up some 70% of the Guinean population, and are 99.99% Muslim.

Compassion Evangelical Hospital is a non-for-profit IRS approved 501c3 mission organization incorporated in the state of Michigan (U.S.A.) in 2004 which owns and operates the Compassion Evangelical Hospital and Clinic near the central city of Mamou, in the country of Guinea, West Africa. Compassion Evangelical Hospital is a member of L'Association des Églises et des Missions Évangeliques de Guinée (L'AEMEG), an interdenominational mission and church association in Guinea, and is a member of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Governance is by a U.S.-based board. M. Étienne Ouattara is the hospital administrator. Jean Paul Gbilimou, MD, a Guinean with training in OB/GYN is the chief of staff. Additional staff include a general surgeon, three generalist physicians, a part-time ophthalmologist, and a dentist. The African medical support staff includes approximately 50 persons. 



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