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July 2015

Dear Friends and Partners,

We continually rejoice in the progress of the work at Compassion Evangelical Hospital. May the Lord be glorified in all that is accomplished!



Two years ago, Pastor Oumar and his wife, Mariettou came to serve as chaplains for Compassion Evangelical Hospital. They both are blessed by God with the gift of evangelism. All patients hear the Gospel from Pastor Oumar and Mariettou. As many as 85% of those who listen to the message raise their hands asking to be prayed for and to learn more about following Jesus. In recent months an average of seven people per month go beyond inquiring about Jesus, make a commitment to Him and ask to be discipled in the Christian community. Since the founding of CEH we know of 100 who made this level of commitment. This month five were baptized and a child of one of the MIAPE church attenders was dedicated by the parents. My soul is thrilled with this news and we know that heaven rejoices. An evangelism report is sent to the USA administration and partners at the end of each month. If you are interested in receiving this report, please let us know.


Short Term Teams

Despite the travel advisories related to the Ebola crisis, six men from California, Michigan and Minnesota went to Guinea in May. They arrived safely back home and were excited about the work God allowed them to complete during their short stay. Below is a list of the things they accomplished:

  • The Orange Telephone Company installed a cell tower antenna on the hill over-looking the hospital. With that in place the men were able to set up a connection for internet at the hospital and network the hospital computers. They also installed a shorter relay tower to connect with other cell phone systems providing redundancy in case of a breakdown in the Orange system.

  • Preparation for the solar system is well underway. The fencing to protect the panels and the battery/inverter housing is in and plans are established for the next steps to complete the project.

Solar field

  • Conduits for electricity and the piping for the plumbing were put in the new Laundry Building. They made good progress and another team will return in the fall to complete the electricity and plumbing. If all continues on schedule the laundry will be open for use in the fall of 2015. Washers and dryers will be purchased in the US and sent to Guinea.

Laundry Building

  • Repair and maintenance on the G1 and G2 diesel generators occurred after consultation with international advisers. The G2 generator was down for over a month. Clarity of ongoing maintenance for both G1 and G2 was established.

  • Replacement parts are needed to repair the broken Operating Room lights. These parts will be ordered for a future repair.

  • The X-ray Machine was repaired but broke down again after three days. During the three days the machine was running the medical team was able to train three staff members to a preliminary level. Despite international consultation with experts in the US and Asia and having an excellent team on site, repairs were not possible. A new machine will be sent out as soon as the funding is found for this $40,000 expenditure. Even in setbacks we praise God.

  • Pastor Woody Roland of Autumn Ridge Church in Minnesota conducted two mini conferences during this week. In the first conference for CEH staff he covered stages of development as a disciple of Christ and discussed principles of a Christian work ethic. After this, four churches in Mamou were invited to participate with the staff in a one-day marriage conference. Many expressed steps of personal growth and commitment as a result of these two conferences.

Upon their return, the six men who traveled to Guinea were required by the CDC to report their temperature to their state health department twice daily for three weeks. All six of the men are completely well and cleared. While in Guinea, there was no known contact with any Ebola patients and the hospital has still not seen an Ebola patient.

We praise God for everything this team was able to accomplish. Please pray with us for the next team to go in the fall.


Ebola Update

Ebola is still hanging on in Guinea, Sierra Leone and minimally in Liberia. In total there have been 27,479 cases in the three countries. Far fewer cases are occurring but half are still being diagnosed post mortem and then most contacts are being followed as closely as technology in Africa will allow. All of these recent cases have been at least 200 miles from CEH. As of June 30, in Guinea there are 31 patients currently hospitalized in four treatment centers. Pray with us for complete resolution of this epidemic.


Property Update

The completion of the Muslim Welcome Center is targeted for August. There are a few finishing touches of plastering, windows, doors and painting before it can be put to use.

A wind storm damaged the MIAPE School Building. Several walls were flattened and the roof will need to be replaced. They are hopeful to complete the repairs before rainy season starts. To complete this repair project it will take several thousand dollars. All other MIAPE buildings are paid for. The Ebola epidemic nation-wide cut the school year short. This school year ran from February through the end of July with 116 students enrolled. They plan on starting in September for the coming school year.


Politics in Guinea

Politically there is tension about the voting dates for local officials and the presidential election. Strikes and demonstrations are frequent. Pray with us for peace and that the work of God will not be hindered.


Financial Update

The Ebola crisis negatively affected the volume of patients and the general economy of the nation. It is difficult to maintain the payroll and expenses of the hospital at this time. However, we are unwilling to lay off staff members after taking such care to hire the right people and train them to the higher skill level that we expect. Last October the CEH Board raised the established subsidy of the hospital and MIAPE ministry from $7,400 monthly to $11,900 through September 2015. We hope to resume the normal lower level as the patient census increases back to the before-Ebola numbers. If God prompts you to partner financially with us at this time, we deeply appreciate it! Only 6% of USA donations are used for administrative costs, 94% is directly applied to ministry in Guinea.


May the Lord bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Dr. Dwight Slater, MD


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