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September 2015

Dear Friends and Partners, We continually rejoice in the progress of the work at Compassion Evangelical Hospital. The Lord is glorified in the ministry and this brings joy.


Ebola Health The last reported case of Ebola in Guinea was on September 10 - a total of two cases this month. This is an answer to prayer. We thank God for this and for the medical progress which brought the development of an Ebola vaccine. All known contacts of every reported case in Guinea are vaccinated - which is also good news. As the Ebola crisis comes under control, the number of patients coming in for care to CEH is growing; we are up to 40 patients daily. The financial solvency of the hospital is predicated on at least 50 patients daily, so we pray that the numbers continue to climb. During this low patient-count period additional USA donations ($54,000) were given to subsidize the Guinean staff salaries. We hope to return to before-Ebola subsidy amounts this month. The goal is for CEH to be self sufficient based on modest fees for service. During the slow months, rather than laying off staff, additional training was given to the medical personnel. Currently we are equipped to see 70 patients daily. Pray with us for our numbers to grow so we may serve them in Christ's name and they may hear the Gospel.


Dental Health Early this year the national dentist who started the dental ministry at CEH took a job elsewhere. After a careful search for a replacement, God provided Dr. Ibrahim Abba. Please pray for him and the CEH dental ministry as he resumes this service. There are opportunities for US Dentists to serve alongside Dr. Abba for training and short term trips. Dr. Joel Michelson facilitates the dental ministry from Rochester, MN. Please contact us through the web site: if you would like additional information about these opportunities


General Surgeons Needed

One of our greatest needs in personnel is for long and short term general surgeons. We are in contact with three potential African surgeons who are residency trained and a nurse anesthetist but there is a critical mass of staff necessary to really launch this aspect of the ministry. The facility is functional for basic surgery but we are currently only doing 10 major and 15 minor cases per month. We know from experience that those who are operated on are among the most receptive to the Gospel partly because they are at the hospital longer and have more exposure to the Christian witness. A U.S. surgeon giving six months to two years of time to launch the ministry would be a tremendous answer to our prayers and would no doubt have eternal significance. Please pray with us for this.


Spiritual Health

Pastor Oumar and his wife are on vacation this month. While in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire they hope to pick up from a printer 1,000 copies of the book he wrote on Muslim evangelism. He will share copies with his sending church and bring most back to facilitate the work in Guinea. Pastor Oumar is a sought-after conference speaker throughout the country. We praise God for the completion of this book and for the help that Etienne gave in editing.


The Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is having its doors and windows mounted and will be available soon to house new converts to Christ. New converts are often ostracized from their families. We will offer them shelter, initial food and vocational training as we disciple them in their new faith. The churches in Cote d'Ivoire sent sleeping mats as a gesture of hospitality and funds for some basic furnishings. Additional funds of $1,500 would help finish this project.

Welcome Center


MIAPE Update

The MIAPE Christian School is adding two more classrooms to accommodate their new students (116 students were enrolled last year and more are applying this year). The shell of the new buildings is done. Doors, windows, plastering and painting will be completed as time and money allow. The students and staff hope to start classes in October when the government allows all the schools to open. Last year schools were delayed nation-wide for four months due to the Ebola epidemic. The school has a good reputation within the community and Muslim families are sending their children to our school. Bible lessons are part of the curriculum. Please pray for good fruit from this ministry.

MIAPE Classroom


Short Term Teams

Seven men will be on our next construction team from both Minnesota and Michigan in early November. The Laundry Building structure is completed and is ready for George W, our plumber/construction director, and an electrician to make the final plumbing and electrical connections. The solar electrical system will be the other major project for this trip. It is mostly facilitated by members of Autumn Ridge Church (ARC) in MN. ARC did all of the fundraising through their Light and Sight (L&S) campaign last fall which raised $230,000 for four projects. Most of the materials for this phase of the solar project as well as the washers and dryers and a new portable x-ray are currently in a container due in Guinea early October. The IT aspect of that campaign was already completed in May but is being touched up on this trip. The O2 concentrator and the Ophthalmological aspects of the L&S campaign are awaiting next year for completion, Lord willing. Pray with us for the completion of each of these projects.

Laundry Building


Guinea in the News

Politically there are tensions about the calendar for the separate elections for both local officials and for the next presidential election. Strikes and demonstrations are frequent. The first round of the presidential election is scheduled now for October 11 with the follow up run-off of the top two candidates two or three weeks later. Pray with us for peace that the work of God will not be hindered.


Financial Needs

Finally, the summer months are always the time that our financial giving is the leanest - like most charitable organizations. After fund transfers to Africa the last two months, the operations account was less than $1,000. By faith, God supplied the normal $7,400 monthly and an additional $9,000 overall to subsidize the Guinean salaries. More than 95% of all of our receipts are sent directly to Africa for the ministry there. The 5% here is used for accounting, financial review, ECFA fees and prom otional mailings. If you feel that God is pr ompting you to partner with us at this time we would appreciate the help. visit and support CEH as your make your purchases.


I hope you had a wonderful summer. May the Lord bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Dr Dwight Slater, MD


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