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Director’s Message

Dr. Kristen Schmaltz

Philosophy of care: We assess existing and emerging community public health needs and develop programs and services to maximize the quality of life for Guineans. Our approach embodies whole person, family and community-centric, culturally competent care  while upholding the mission and values of Compassion Evangelical Hospital system.

Welcome to CHP in Guinean villages! From our beginning in October 2017, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent prevention training using many of our village and town CHP staff, our heart mission is to improve villagers’ health, nutrition and capacity in all realms of health/disease education and prevention through our 11 CHP programs. We look to present life-changing Gospel sharing for eternal life which is the ultimate improvement of our human circumstance.  Please check out our photos of each program below - impacting newborn to aged villagers in all walks of life! 

Latest Snapshot

CHP Collaboration with Discussions for Boys (DfB) Supervisors

CHP Director Dr. Kristen and Assistant Director Anne hosting a productive and joy-filled DfB Conference at the new CHP building!    

June 2022

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CHP Team

Full-time Staff


Kristen Schmaltz, M.D., Director CHP, Pediatrician, Nutritionist and Virology Research/ TOT (Trainer of Trainers)  

Anne Koro Ouendeno, Assistant Director of CHP, Nurse with State Diploma, Infirmiere d'Etat, Evangelism Certificate  international training & experience (9 months)/TOT  



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Part-time Staff

28 CHP Village Healthcare Workers receiving and practicing training

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CHP Compassion Care Committee Volunteers

Our Community Health Programs

Due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Health Program had temporarily shifted focus to community assessment, screening, education and referral to specifically prevent COVID-19 transmission. We continued to offer our existing programs and services as time and opportunity permitted. Our village healthcare workers and town contacts for all 11 active programs are doing a great job reaching out within their communities to continue to educate and demonstrate hygiene and social distancing.